JUNE 5th 2022



           9 - 2:30

After a 2 year Covid hiatus, we're back!

 Sunday June 5th, 9- 2:30



Attendance is not mandatory but it is FREE!

 JOIN AS WE CELEBRATE our local medicinal herb plant plant propagators and makers of locally produced plant based herbal products.

Held in conjunction with the Sebastopol Farmers Market at the Sebastopol Town Plaza


This is a fundraiser for the Sonoma County Herb Association. A local 501c3 Non Profit Entity.

Whilst supporting the Sonoma County Herb Association, You are also supporting the Sonoma County Herb Exchange!




May 21  2022 Urban Herb Walk.png

Urban Herb Walk 

With Mitcho Thompson

May 21st 2022
Downtown Sebastopol, Ca.



Please Join us on Saturday May 21st at 1 PM near "The Door" sculpture in  the Sebastopol town square! Come take a walk around town, meeting new people and plants with Mitcho and a gang of plant people, herb nerds, and others, as we wander about down-town and thru the Barlow district

FYI: A plant walk is a walk through a selected plant environment, a wild or public space. Usually led by an educated guide. This is a great way to see plants as they truly are, in their wild and feral forms! 

During this plant walk you will be introduced to selected plants using the principles of Mitcho’s somewhat amateurish botany skills (But he is funny). Fortunately other plant people will be there to chime in! Together we shall spot medicinal plants growing right under our noses, and learn their amazing uses. We will not be foraging, but you are encouraged to take photographs.

We will also have tinctures on hand, to sample some of these medicinal plants in their processed forms, as we get to know our local natives, as well as some wonderful feral escapees.


This is a FREE event, however donations to the Sonoma County Herb Association are gladly received!

April 30th 630-1130 AM.png

Seaweed Foraging and Identification with Julie Drucker

Saturday April 30th 

6:30 - 11:30 AM



 A benefit for the Sonoma County Herb Association/ Exchange


**Space is limited**


Learn how to identify a few of the 600 seaweed varieties on our coast! How and where to cut it off the rocks, best drying practices, take some home yourself to dry! We will also cover the superb nutritional value of some of our brown and red seaweeds and offer simple recipes. Come prepared to sing and offer prayers to Yemaya (The goddess of the sea). Dried kelp will be available to purchase as well from Julie's company: Yemaya Seaweeds


*Children are most welcome with paying adults

*Please no dogs for this event


Julie Drucker has been seaweed harvesting on the Mendocino Coast for almost 20 years and has been offering high quality dried sea vegetables since 2010. She teaches Yearly seaweed workshops at the Ohlone Herbal School in Berkeley and combines her Shamanic Work in all her seaweed teaching.

Functional Herbalism-2.png



Herbalism is a traditional healing modality passed down to us by the healers of the past. The path of an herbalist is always unique, but there are foundational principles that we all share and utilize to improve how we understand and interact with an abundance of healing herbs.

In this 2 hour course we will touch on many of these key principles including: 

-Locating and identifying reliable information about herbs-

-Building your own herbal material medica with helpful tricks to keep your monographs organized

-Honing your senses to determine key features of individual herb quality and identification (organoleptics)

-Best practices for harvesting, drying and storing your herbs

-Strategies for building effective herbal formulas 

f time permits, we will also have a brief discussion on the most common solvents used for making herbal remedies, and I’ll share some of my favorite herbal recipes! This is a great prerequisite course for my Introductory to Handmade Herbal Remedies course opening April 4th at, check it out! 


Colleen Solis, founder of Herb Nerd and Poppy Botanicals, is a lifelong free spirited, nature loving geek. She believes in the importance of strong community. "It takes a village" is her anthem. That’s the spirit of herbalism that drew her in immediately: A bunch of tree hugging, handcrafting, outdoorsy folks that like to get together to share knowledge and take walks. 

For the past 10 years, Colleen has been blessed to forge a path using traditional and scientific herbalism to make things! The alchemy of creating something out of nothing is her jam. She has a deep love for compounding herbs, extracting constituents, nerding-out on solubility, and cumulating these precious parts into topical and internal health & wellness products. As an Herbalist, Colleen’s niche is herbal product formulation, which emerged out of her obsession for natural beauty products. She has been formulating wellness products for as long as she has been studying herbs. At present, Colleen is a Certified Herbalist, instructor at The California School of Herbal Studies, contributing writer at Traditional Medicinals, founder of Poppy Botanicals, and Herb Nerd, and herbal product developer and consultant for wellness brand.

Find colleen at

Functional Herbalism

With Colleen Solis

( Herb Nerd and Poppy Botanicals)
Mas Plantas!
Awakening Vitality with Everyday Plant Medicines 

with -Francisca Santibanez of Plant Spirit Talk

In this introductory class, we’ll explore the many ways that we can integrate plants to support our health and vitality. From our foods, body care and spaces, to our rituals and mundane practices- there’s a standing invitation for connection and mutual upliftment with our leafy kin. Participants will receive a series of practical tools and strategies for bringing in more plants into their daily lives for a strengthened connection to their vitality. 

Francisca Santibanez is a Bay Area based herbalist, wellness guide, medicine maker, educator and founder of Plant Spirit Talk course, Medicine Spirit Mentorship, Earth, Blood and Soul course and Plant Spirit Essencials. She also offers Wellness Consultations, Integrated Plant Spirit Initiation, and Whole Soul guidance through her private practice out of Sebastopol, California. 
Raised in South America, she spent her childhood in Brasil and Chile, and later in life returned to study traditional Amazonian plant medicine in the jungles of Peru. 
Her courses focus on cultivating ritual space for deep sharing and healing, to learn integrative life skills, spiritual tools and plant based healing practices for more intimate engagement with nature and the healing process. She weaves in ancient wisdom and practical beliefs from her native South with the modern urban context of the North. Her aim is to create community space and support her students and clients in their personal and familial healing and fulfillment of their soul purpose. 
Find her on Instagram and
Herbs and Astrology_edited.jpg

Herbs and Astrology
with Paetra Tauchert

Happy New Year everyone!

In this one hour class Paetra Tauchert will teach us the Fundamentals of Herbal Astrology and how to weave it into the Astro weather of 2022.

Paetra is a consulting astrologer, trained by Maurice Fernandez, Austin Coppock, and the School of Traditional Astrology in London.

She has an international clientele, with over 25 years of experience and weaves her herbal training into her consultations. (California School of Herbal Studies and the Dhyana Center).

You can catch Paetra on her podcast, Astroscape Revival which is a combination of music and astro-philosophy. You can also subscribe to her weekly forecasts, and find her in the pages of the Mountain Astrologer magazine with her column “Plant Planet”.

She will be teaching a year long class starting in March called Wheel of the Year, combining astrology, herbs, and magic.

She also periodically teaches Intro to Chart Reading, a six-week short course.


Find Paetra here:


To subscribe, for readings, or classes:


Mushrooms! Holistic Foraging With Ryath Beauchene

Mushroom Foraging SCHA.jpg



In this Autumnal presentation Ryath will share tips and techniques for finding, identifying, & harvesting popular (and not-so-popular!) mushrooms, covering anatomy, ecology, & seasonality. Toxic species and look-alikes will also be addressed. Ryath will also weave in ideas on how mushrooms can entice us into deeper acts of ecological participation, how applied mycology through the lens of foraging can be regenerative, reciprocal & enriching for the mushrooms and their ecosystems as well as our bodies, health, and spirits!


Ryath Fujita Beauchene has been foraging and cultivating mushrooms for more than a decade and is a co-owner of Moon Fruit Mushroom Farm, a small log-based medicinal mushroom farm in Sonoma County, California. He studied ecology and environmental education at Sonoma State University and is a “self-taught” amateur mycologist. Ryath has been hooked on life through nutrition, ecology, mushrooms, plants, soil, endosymbiosis, photography, cooking, video games, snowboarding, laughing, crying, & roller coasters.

You can find Ryath on Instagram
@make plants.notwar

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                     Empowering Community:  

           Strategies for Health and the Coronavirus