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Sonoma County Herb Exchange

        Preserving agricultural biodiversity and enriching community and land health

               by fostering support for organic herb growers and medicine makers
                                     through marketing and educational forums.

The Sonoma County Herb Exchange is located at 1720 Cooper Road in Sebastopol.

We are open from 2-5 on Tuesdays.

The season for fresh herbs is mid-March – mid December.

We do sell some herbs after we officially close in mid December

such as fresh Turmeric  root (Curcuma longa)

Fresh herbs are cut to order and delivered on Tuesday mornings.

Herbs are available for pick up or shipping on Tuesday afternoons,

or other days by arrangement, but fresh herbs are only brought in fresh on Tuesdays.

We are available by phone on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Since we are open for sales on Tuesdays, we tend to run short on time

for phone conversations on that day. Communicating by way of email works well.

Our phone number is 707-824-1447 and our email address is


We look forward to collaborating with you for your herbal needs.


Welcome to the Sonoma County Herb Exchange. We invite you to celebrate the seasonality of herb growing with us! We are a locally-focused clearinghouse, supplied by a diverse network of dedicated herb growers from Sonoma County and adjoining regions of Northern California. This allows us to offer you a broad availability of fresh herbs throughout the year. Our growers share our dedication to sustainable, ecologically friendly growing practices. All follow organic methods; some are certified and some are not. Please specify if you require certified organic herbs. We specialize in fresh, hand-harvested, top quality, whole herbs and roots, often harvested the day we sell them. Our prices reflect the costs of small-scale, attentive, non-mechanized farming. We think you’ll agree that there is good value in supporting sustainable agriculture and small, dedicated growers. We welcome your comments and suggestions, as well as referrals to prospective buyers and growers.



We continue to expand our selection of Chinese herbs. Some are available through the Herb Exchange, and more will be available through our newest project, the Lilium Initiative whose focus is on US grown Chinese Herbs. For more information, see:



Our pick-up days are Tuesday afternoons at Laguna Farm (1720 Cooper Rd.) in Sebastopol. We ask that your order total a minimum of two pounds. Please call or email your order by the Wednesday preceding your Tuesday pick-up. Payment (cash or check) is due when you pick up your herbs. Shipping is generally available with an additional handling charge. Please check the availability column in the catalog to make sure the fresh herb you want is in season! Note that weather and other variables may affect availability, so use this information as a guideline only. Sometimes backorders will be necessary. Prices are subject to change. If you don’t see what you want here, please ask. If one part of an herb is listed, chances are we will be able to provide another. For example, if an herb is listed as “whole plant,” you may be able to purchase roots and leaves separately. Also, medicinal potency changes as plants mature - please specify your preferences.



We may be able to offer volume discounts for some herbs. Please inquire.


In addition to this catalog, we send periodic e-mailings that feature specials and provide current information about availability. You can sign up for the fresh herb updates with the link in the below.

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